We are a member of The Dance Masters of America: a professional, certified membership organization of artists and educators committed to the elevation of the art of dance and to provide innovative artistic experiences for the advancement of dance worldwide.

“If i could train a child To walk a little straighter; instill poise to last through life. Then make his rhythm greater; and live to see him make his mark upon the “Hall of Fame”. What sweeter music could I hear, than mention of his name?”
Lo Eldridge


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    “My daughter is one of the most graceful and technically correct dancers I have seen. All this is owed to Mrs. June Badon and her staff… Her perseverance shows in my daughter, as she was awarded DMA Teen Miss Dance of Texas this year.”
    – Florenda Taylor Gonzales

    “I took at June Badons for 15 years and it was some of the best time growing up. I miss it. They have awesome teachers who teach great technique. If you want your child to have fun and learn how dance go here.”
    – Samantha Martin Harrison

    “I worked for June in the 80’s as a gymnastics coach. You cannot find a better place to enjoy the love of dance and the arts. I’m so happy to see she is still making great things happen for her students.”
    – Teri Frost McGinnis

    “What can I say? My mom dropped me off in a tutu when I was 4, and I never left. I love my dance family.”
    – Jill Hamilton

    Individual Attention. Fullest Potential.